Prioritising Safety With The Usage Of Bathroom Safety Products

Prioritising Safety With The Usage Of Bathroom Safety Products

Prioritising Safety With The Usage Of Bathroom Safety Products

Safety is the first thing that usually comes to our minds whenever we are driving or travelling. But the one area that many people tend to ignore in terms of safety is the bathroom. Bathroom safety is very essential because the risk of falling or slipping is heightened there, especially for the elderly and for the people who undergo various surgeries that limit their mobility causing them to lose balance.

Ageing comes with many challenges. Not being able to walk properly, climbing the stairs or doing something as normal as taking a shower on one’s own are few of the most commonly faced challenges amongst the old people. As a solution to these problems, people often hire caretakers for the elders at home or they themselves help them perform these activities. 

It is time for you to rise above the conventional methods of ensuring safety of your loved ones and invest into products that are highly cooperative of the safety requirements that you may require for the elderly at home. With the installation of a few bathroom safety equipment, injuries and falls of the elderly can be prevented and the bathroom can be made safer than before. Listed below are a few safety products that will help you achieve the same: 

Grab Bars:

 White Grab BarsKnurled Grab Bars

A grab bar is a product that looks small, but it provides a high degree of safety. Grab bars come in various types and sizes. The main function of this equipment is to enable a person to maintain balance while they are standing in the bathroom. It acts as an object that can be grabbed on to in case a person loses balance due to the slippery bathroom floor. These are anti-corrosive steel bars that are mostly placed on the bathtub, near the toilet seat and in the shower area where you may need additional stability in order to prevent slips and falls. The grab bars are an ideal equipment for the elderly or patients with restricted mobility as they help them maintain their balance while moving from one place to another.

Shower seats:

Shower Chair with Back and ArmsBath Bench with Back

Installing a shower chair guarantees a higher degree of safety for people who are old, have mobility issues and for the ones who are injured. The shower space can be made to feel more comfortable and safer with the seat as it cancels out the pain of standing for so long and the risk of slipping on the hard tiles of the bathroom floor. These seats are usually wide and come with padded handles to give your arms and back that additional comfort. It is made of durable plastic seat and strong aluminum legs whose height can be easily adjusted. One doesn’t have to worry about falling off the chair as its legs have a rubber tip at the base.

Bathtub transfer bench:

Bathtub Transfer Bench

Bathtubs are made of heavy-duty material and slipping in them occurs commonly, leading to dangerous falls and injuries. A transfer bench can be a vital addition to your bathroom as it helps you in transferring from outside the bathtub to inside. This is an ideal product if you are a wheelchair user or if you have any physical limitations that cause you to struggle while lifting your leg in and out of the tub. Transfer bench comes with a wide seat. One has to simply sit on the bench, lift their legs and then slide to the other side of the bench. A handle is attached to the bench in case one needs more stability while moving from one side of the bench to another. The bench has four well-built aluminum legs that have an anti-slip rubber tip at their base which ensures a firm grip on the slippery surface. Not all bathtubs are at the same height, so these transfer benches come with a height-adjustable mechanism in order to suit the height of your bathtub.

Toilet safety:

Toilet Safety Rail

Using the toilet can be very difficult if you have back related problems or face trouble while sitting or getting up from the toilet seat. These difficulties can be overcome with the help of an equipment called toilet safety rail. Its textured grip, waterfall armrest and anti-slip leather finish handles provide with extra safety and comfort. The handles can also be pivoted back allowing one to sit in convenient positions. It is highly recommended for people with back and knee related problems.

4" Raised Toilet Seat with Lock

Elevated seats can also be of great help for patients who have undergone hip or knee surgeries. The movement of sitting or getting up from the toilet seat requires you to bend your knees and engage your back. This can be quite a struggle for people with knee/back injuries as well. Raised toilet seats help you smoothen the movement without having to suffer from the strain in knees or the back. They make it easier for one to lower themselves to the toilet seat. The seat is light in weight and is easy to assemble. It can also be carried in a car without any hassle if you are travelling to an outstation. The toilet riser also comes with a handle along with a clamping mechanism to ensure that the seat is locked and secured firmly on most of the standard toilets.

Bedpans and Urinals:

Some people are completely bedridden due to old age or severe illness. Same is the case with people who have hip fractures or hip replacement done. It is not at all easy or convenient for such people to get out of bed and walk up to the washroom for urinating or excreting. This is why bedpans and urinals have been designed to ensure an easy process of urination and bowel movement. Both these products help maintain hygiene of the patient as well as prevent the bed from spoiling which may further lead to infections.

Male Portable UrinalFemale Portable Urinal

A urinal is a bottle shaped container designed both for the male as well as the female body. It collects the urine of the person when the person is not able to get out of bed due to medical or other reasons. It also comes with graduation marks that help in monitoring measurements regularly.

Bedpan Contoured Shape for AdultsFracture Bedpan

Bedpans on the other hand come in two different shapes namely: Pontoon bedpan and the fracture bedpan. The pontoon bedpan has a contour-shaped design for bed-bound patients which helps them in the discharge of stool. It is easy to clean and its plastic guard prevents spillage. Whereas the fracture bedpan is specifically designed for patients recovering from hip injury. It has a flat end on the front for easy placement of the hips as it is hard for the patients to lift them.

We understand everyone has different safety concerns depending upon their requirements for a safer bathroom and hence we have got a range of bathroom safety products that will help you address all your concerns

Information provided on The Wellness Store blog is not intended as a substitute to medical advice or care. The Wellness Store recommends consulting a doctor if you are experiencing medical issues or concerns.

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