7 Basic and Important tips For Participating in No-Shave November

7 Basic and Important tips For Participating in No-Shave November

7 Basic and Important tips For Participating in No-Shave November

If you have been thinking a lot lately about growing a mustache or a beard. No-Shave November is the best time to give it a try. If you are still uncertain about your looks, you can go on the No-Shave November path also known as beard month. It is exactly a perfect time in the year for growing a hairy beard instead of merely a'stache and in case you are proud beard owners and want to enjoy and support the causes you should consider yourself in.

What is November no shave?

No Shave November calls on participants to grow out to increase awareness for cancer. The campaign is about ditching razors and skipping waxing appointments and embracing yourself by growing a beard, mustache, and letting those legs go natural in support to raise cancer awareness and funds for cancer patients. 

Along with growing out your bread and hair, you might want to think about donating or perhaps set up your event.

What is the duration of beard Month?

November is considered “National Beard Month” where people contribute to a cause that is related to cancer awareness. The campaign starts from November 1st by shaving on the first day, then participants let grow out their beard and won't shave until December 1st.

NO- shave November’s goal is to boost awareness by growing and embracing your hair, which cancer patients normally lose.


Rules of National Beard Month:” Rules for No-Shave November

  1. The goal is to start the month with a clean shaved face.
  2.  Grow your hair naturally and don’t use a razor for a month.
  3. Give your monthly shave expenditures or donate a generous amount to No Shave November charities.
  4. Feel proud about the journey while you become determined, consistent, and persistent.

Following rules are as important as grooming your wild and free beard. Grooming is not prohibited so you can think of using amazing hair & beard products available for grooming. If you are planning for growing and grooming facial hair in November, then these are the finest beard grooming products that you must have in your grooming essentials kit.

We have listed 7 basic and important grooming tips to support the cause.  

Tip #1: Start Clean for Volumized Growth

Preparing your skin is important if you are planning to grow a long beard. You can plan on shaving a day before and start with a fresh clean look with a mindset to grow a long beard. You should look for a face wash that has natural exfoliating ingredients so that it does not get itchy in the first week of ingrown small hairs.

A proper resurfacing face wash will dissolve dead skin cells that clog pores.  If you did get time to go to a barber's place for a shave then you should use an anti-chafe that helps prevents skin from rubbing or itching by creating a smooth barrier that lasts for hours and will make the initial grow-out more comfortable. 

Tip #2: One Kit that fit all needs

Everyone's hair growth is not the same; somebody has patchy growth, a heavy growth, or a long lumberjack beard so to achieve those expectations and to maintain them you require a small kit that will let your beard grow naturally long. The Preston- Better Beard Collection will help you achieve your goal. The collection includes Beard Balm, Beard Oil, and Cologne (essential oil).

These products are Free of synthetic fragrance with a fresh scent. 


Tip #3: Fresh -Free and Fuss Growth

Those first weeks can be irritating as the new growth makes you feel like scratching. The ideal solution is to follow the grooming regimen which are three life savior steps: the daily routine of washing, conditioning, and applying essential oil.

Following the routine with Preston sulfate-free and non-toxic shampoo and conditioner will make you feel fresh while it volumizes and moisturizes your hair. After two weeks start using beard oil to make your beard voluminous and moisturized. 

Tip #4: Being Persistent

The growing mustache or beard takes a lot of effort. The first week is the itchiest period if you never had a full-grown beard. The very best way to maintain growth without irritation is to ensure that your skin is moisturized. People who never had a beard or facial hair growth tend to get uncomfortable, irritated, and stressed easily but it is just a matter of a month for a groomed attractive look.

Tip #5: Style your Beard 

Everyone needs motivation. After styling your beard it will tempt you to grow more and try different beard styles. After following the daily routine of washing, conditioning, and applying essential oil, you can style your long beard with Preston Beard Balm.

This beard balm nourishes unruly whiskers while conditioning and moisturizing the thick and long beard. 


Tip #6: Start brushing and resist trimming: 

The campaign is about raising awareness about growing out beard hair while growing a long beard brushing and styling it is a great idea to showcase for the cause. Add a daily routine to brush your beard while applying beard oil. 

Tip #7: Make Your Donation: 

Finally, the best way is to actually contribute not just by participating but donating to support the cause. 

Give yourself a credit for participating in No-Shave November, do not give up on your beard and mustache. It is among the most effective strategies to increase money and awareness for charities and to get recognized. 

You can prepare yourself for December festive season by grooming followed up by a daily routine of washing, conditioning, and applying essential oil. This will help your skin which is hiding under facial hair for many weeks and requires extra protection. So, this is an important tip to remember. 

Use this regime to grow and tame a beard all year long. Do you have more amazing suggestions for growing and maintaining a beard? 

Comment and let us know what you think?


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