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Adjustable Round Shower Stool

Procare Round Shower Stool is an innovative design providing comfortable bath and shower seating. It is perfect for narrow bathtubs and showers providing you a stable and safe experience. It...
$39.99 $26.60

Shower Chair with Padded Arms

Procare Shower Chair with Padded Arms is a heavy-duty shower chair for those who cannot stand for longer duration while taking shower. The extra-wide shower seat with arms is equipped...
$43.99 $33.25

Bathtub Transfer Bench

Procare Tub Transfer Bench is an excellent mobility aid with wider seat for safe transfer to the bathtub. An ideal product for wheelchair users or those with any physical limitations,...
$81.99 $61.75

Bedpan Contoured Shape for Adults

Procare Pontoon Bedpan is a specially designed plastic container used for bedridden patient for urinal or stool discharge. It is strong and has smooth contoured shape for added comfort that...
$17.99 $17.10

Toilet Safety Rail

The Procare Toilet Safety Rail provides added stability while getting up from or sitting on to the toilet. Our non-invasive toilet safety frame provides very good support to anyone with...
$49.99 $38.00

Fracture Bedpan

Procare Fracture Bedpan is specifically designed for those recovering from hip surgery or a fracture. It is one of the best bedpansfor urinal or stool discharge especially for bedridden patients...
$17.99 $17.10

Shower Chair with Back and Arms

Our Shower Chair with Back and Arms is a heavy duty bath chair with handle and removable backrest providing comfortable and secure seating while taking shower. It reduces the risks...
$49.99 $38.00

Adjustable Bath Bench

Procare Adjustable Shower Bench offers a comfortable and safe bath solution if you have risk of falling or for elders who have problems standing for longer period while bathing. This...
$39.99 $27.55

Bath Bench with Back

Procare Shower Bench with Back is a useful product for a relaxed bathing experience designed for people of all ages especially those with limited mobility. You can sit comfortably and...
$43.99 $33.25

5" Raised Locking Toilet Seat

5” Raised Locking Toilet Seat makes using the toilet easier for elderly, physically challenged people or if recovering from a surgery, etc. It is a 5” raised toilet seat with...
$39.99 $38.00

4" Raised Toilet Seat with Lock

4” Raised Toilet Seat with Lock elevates the toilet by 4” making it easier when someone is sitting down on the toilet. If you had a knee or hip replacement...
$39.99 $33.25

5” Raised Locking Toilet Seat with Arms

Procare 5” Raised Locking Toilet Seat with Arms is the best toilet seat riser for extra comfort offering a 5” elevation. It is ideal for you if recovering from a...

Male Portable Urinal

Procare Male Urinal is primarily shaped for gents to use at home, hospitals or during travel. This plastic urinal features an easy grip handle for effortless use and maximum control....
$13.00 $12.35

Female Portable Urinal

Procare Female Urinal is shaped perfectly for ladiesthat have difficulty in accessing a toilet or are unable to get out of bed for urinating. The plastic urinal features an easy...
$13.00 $12.35

White Grab Bar - 12", 16" or 18"

Our White Grab Bar can be installed on surfaces like tiles, fiberglass, dry wall, etc in bathroom near bathtub, shower or toilet to help prevent accidents like falling and sliding....
$24.99 $16.15

Knurled Grab Bar - 12", 16" or 18"

A Knurled Grab Bar is a must have product in your bathroom to minimize the risk of injuries from slipping and for those who have balance issues. It is designed...
$24.99 $19.00


Bath safety products are ideal for anyone having difficulty in getting up and down from a bathtub or toilet or even while standing for a long duration during shower. Also, when you get older or have any injury, your mobility is restricted and you may need some assistance to use the toilet or while going for a shower. During this, chances of accidents become high due to hard surfaces in the bathroom and slippery floors. Well then, if you find some products that can help you in these areas, it would be a great gift to make your life easier and risk-free and this is what our bathroom safety products offer you. Our bath safety aids are designed to keep your needs in mind and to regain confidence in secured bathroom experience.

There are lots of varieties available in bath and toilet safety aids but choosing the right one is very important. The different types of safety products that we offer are:

Toilet Safety: One of the biggest inconvenience senior adults, physically challenged individuals or patients recovering from hip or knee injury find is using the toilet. It can be painful to bend your back and knees when using the toilet and then getting up for which you may need some support. Instead of relying solely on a caretaker’s help, we have designed Toilet Safety Railand Elevated Toilets Seats with and without arms for extra comfort.

Shower Seats: Our bathrooms can be a very dangerous place in our home due to slippery floors and this is where most of the accidents happen in the house. Also with aging or weakness from any disease, you may feel dizziness so keeping this in mind we have designed shower chairs for a worry-free and comfortable shower experience.

Transfer Bench: In addition to the shower seat we also have transfer benches specially designed for those who use a bathtub for taking shower. With the help of this product getting in and out of the bathtub can be very easy by just sliding on the transfer bench.

Grab Bars: Grab Bars are an ideal product if you have trouble sitting down or getting up from a commode or a bathtub. These provide you firm grip and if properly installed in places where you need it the most then it can provide you great assistance with your balance and prevent slipping.

Bedpans and Urinals: We understand the need for bedridden patients that they may not be able to visit the toilet for urinating or stool discharge. Keeping this in mind we have designed portable urinals each for men and women along with bedpans allowing patients to urinate or have a bowel movement while they are in bed.