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Female Portable Urinal

Procare Female Urinal is shaped perfectly for ladiesthat have difficulty in accessing a toilet or are unable to get out of bed for urinating. The plastic urinal features an easy...
$13.00 $12.35

Male Portable Urinal

Procare Male Urinal is primarily shaped for gents to use at home, hospitals or during travel. This plastic urinal features an easy grip handle for effortless use and maximum control....
$13.00 $12.35

Fracture Bedpan

Procare Fracture Bedpan is specifically designed for those recovering from hip surgery or a fracture. It is one of the best bedpansfor urinal or stool discharge especially for bedridden patients...
$17.99 $17.10

Bedpan Contoured Shape for Adults

Procare Pontoon Bedpan is a specially designed plastic container used for bedridden patient for urinal or stool discharge. It is strong and has smooth contoured shape for added comfort that...
$17.99 $17.10


When an individual is bedridden, they have to go through a lot of discomforts, and going to the toilet is next to impossible. This scenario could be due to severe health issues, major injury, or recovering from a back or hip operation. Due to this limited mobility, going to the toilet is out of the question so our Bedpans and Urinals can play a major role in caring for these patients and senior adults and also help in maintaining the hygiene. With its use, caretakers can help patients avoid soiling the bed, which in turn prevents infection risks. Made of sturdy plastic material it is easy to clean due to its non-stick surface.

Below are some of the products that we offer:

Pontoon Bedpan: Our Pontoon Bedpan is suitable for bowel incontinence, and has a smooth contoured shape for easy use and collecting feces of bed-bound patients. It is a lightweight plastic material, yet it can withstand a weight of up to 250 lbs. It is designed with a high front rim that helps in the confidence of patients in using it and also maintains their privacy.

Fracture Bedpan: Keeping in mind those patients who have undergone a hip replacement or surgery, we have designed a Fracture Bedpan as they cannot raise their hips high enough to use normal bedpans. It has a flat end in the front and a handle to easily place the bedpan and remove it. This easy to clean sturdy plastic material can also hold the weight of up to 250 lbs.

Urinals: Urinals are like a bottle shape to collect urine for patients who cannot get out of bed for toileting. Urinals by Procare for both men and women are designed to fit a male or a female body. It comes with a graduated scale to measure the urine output that has a volume capacity of 1000 ml. A lid is provided to confine odor that is attached to the handle to hold the urinal comfortably while urinating.