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Humidifier with Aromatherapy

Procare Humidifier with Aromatherapy offers the benefits of adding moisture in the air, removal of unpleasant odors, and can also be helpful in the treatment of dryness of your skin....
$29.99 $23.99

Hand-Poured Candle 16oz

Made with a blend of essential oils and waxes, this therapeutic candle warms your home with a hint of uplifting scent. How to Use: Please take care and burn only...

Adjustable Round Shower Stool

Procare Round Shower Stool is an innovative design providing comfortable bath and shower seating. It is perfect for narrow bathtubs and showers providing you a stable and safe experience. It...
$39.99 $26.60

Refresh & Reset Room Spray 4oz

Quickly freshens up any room, and makes unpleasant odors disappear like nobody’s business. Made with a clean blend of essential oils and pure water. 
$6.50 $5.00

Foaming Hand Soap 8oz

Our rich-foaming formula is made with aloe and other botanical extracts to leave skin feeling soft and fresh.

Natural Soy Candle 8oz

Fresh garden-scents to make whatever you’re doing a bit more pleasant, the non toxic way. This candle is made with hydrating oils and burns evenly for up to 30hours. 

Clean & Green Laundry Detergent 32oz

Tough on dirt and grime, yet soft and gentle on your clothes so you can keep your favorite shirt looking better longer. This detergent uses plant-based, eco-friendly ingredients that are...
$15.00 $12.00

Aromatherapy Collection

Designed to pamper you like a spa retreat. Enjoy a long soak, light a candle, and relax. Ahhhhh, that's better. Includes: Room Mist Delicately scented with precious essential oils, this...

Bar Soap 5.25oz

Give your busy hands a hardworking clean, yet gentle touch. This soap is made with hydrating oils, and it's natural formula is free of harsh detergents and toxic additives.

Really, Really Clean Gift Set

The essentials you need for a really really clean home, using really really clean ingredients. Includes: Plant-Powered Countertop Spray  Preserves and protects your counters, keeps them squeaky clean, and leaves...
$25.00 $20.00

Clean & Green Hand Cleanser 6oz

Relentless on dirt & germs, yet soft and friendly on your hands, this hand cleanser is made without harsh ingredients or chemical agents. The earth and people-friendly formula uses essential oils to...
$7.50 $6.00

Room Mist 5.5oz

Bring the spirit of the seaside into your home with this balancing room spray. Natural deodorizers help counteract unpleasant odors, refreshing everything from linen curtains to knit blankets.

Hypoallergenic Fabric Softener 12oz

Keep your clothes smelling fresh and feeling fluffy without worrying about chemicals and skin irritation. The plant-based ingredients have been thoughtfully chosen for sensitive skin.

EcoFriendly Dish Soap 12oz

No matter what’s on your dirty plate, knockout grease and make your dishes squeaky clean, the non-toxic way. The plant-based, eco-friendly ingredients are packed with essential oils, and are safe for your...
$9.00 $7.00

Liquid Hand Soap 8oz

A non-drying, softening cleaner for hardworking hands. Your hands will thank you. Powered by hydrating plant oils and sulfate-free cleansers, this pure and gentle formula protects the health of your family...

Foaming Hand Soap 8oz

A non-drying, softening cleaner for hardworking hands. Your hands will thank you. Packed with bacteria fighting essential oils, this sulfate-free formula moisturizes as it cleanses.
$9.00 $7.00

Liquid Hand Soap 8oz

Your hands need washing, and this liquid soap does it the right way. It gets rid of dirt and grime with the bacteria-fighting power of natural essential oils. Premium plant...

Soy Candle 8oz

Wrap your home in the light, fresh and crisp scent of a summer’s day at the beach with this essential oil candle. Each clean, non-toxic candle contains a lead-free wick...

Room & Linen Spray 4oz

Refresh your room or your linens with a delicate mist of fragrance. Made with essential oils and pure water, this light scent mist neutralizes stale air and keeps your home...

Gentle Hand Wash 8oz

Lightly scented and made with natural ingredients, this sulfate-free hand wash transforms into a frothy lather that rinses clean. This product helps prevent dryness with every wash, leaving your hands...

Hand-Poured Candle 8oz

Made with a blend of essential oils and waxes, this therapeutic candle warms your home with a hint of uplifting scent. How to Use: Please take care and burn only...

Steamy Shower Mist 4oz

Transform your bathroom into a spa escape with this fragrance mist. Made with pure essential oils and water, this spray mingles with the steam from your bath or shower to...

Scent Oil .33oz

Designed to bring a bit of happiness to your day, Joan's signature fragrance blends rely on the uplifting power of pure essential oils. How to Use: Add a dab of...

Liquid Hand Soap

Wash up the Joan way with our pure liquid hand soap. Free of harsh ingredients, this wash gets the job done and smells like heaven. Warm Honey is the scent...

Hand Made Soap 3.75oz

Experience the goodness of Joan's original soap! This wonder bar contains pure honey and nourishing plant oils that are gentle on skin but still get you nice and clean. How...

Baby's Kitchen Collection Gift Set

It's not just about what goes on a baby's skin, but also the environment they're surrounded by: toys they put in their mouths, dishes they lick, and the hands their held by....

Baby's Home Collection Gift Set

You should never have to choose between clean or healthy, especially with a little one in your home. This collection packs a punch on dirt and germs, and uses natural...

Baby Safe Fabric Softener 8oz

Made without the harsh detergents found in conventional cleaners, this natural dish soap is safe to use on baby’s bottles and toys. The pure and clean formula uses the power...

Baby Safe Surface Cleaner 8oz

This pure yet potent cleanser is tough on messes but gentle enough for a baby’s high chair and toys. The natural and fragrance- free formula cuts through grime using antibacterial...

Safe Laundry Detergent 16oz

Free of harsh chemical cleansers, this natural laundry detergent fights stains with plant-derived ingredients. Thoughtfully designed to be gentle on sensitive skin, our unscented formula uses the power of antibacterial...

Safe Hand Cleanser 8oz

Safe for both little ones and grown-ups, this multi-tasking cleanser helps clean grubby hands. Free of harsh ingredients, the pure and natural formula used the power of antibacterial plant oils...

Safe Dish Soap 12oz

Made without the harsh detergents found in conventional cleaners, this natural dish soap is safe to use on baby’s bottles and toys. The pure and clean formula uses the power...

Room Mist 4oz

Delicately scented with precious essential oils, this balancing room mist helps bring harmony to your home by neutralizing odors and uplifting your space. The fabric-friendly formula can be used to...

Candle 8oz

Enhance your home the non-toxic way with the warm scent of pure essential oils. As it melts, this natural soy wax candle releases a luxurious fragrance. The clean-burning blend transforms...

Foaming Hand Soap 8oz

Like a cleansing cloud, this gentle hand soap softly but effectively washes away bacteria and impurities. The unique foaming pump helps you use less soap, minimizing waste with every wash....

Moisturizing Soap 5.25oz

Delicately scented with precious essential oils, this handmade body bar gently cleanses with the hydrating power of coconut and olive oils. As you wash, the rich lather dissolves impurities, leaving...

Bed Rail with Storage Pouch

Procare Bed rail with Storage Pouch is a height-adjustable home bed assist rail, which provides assistance getting in to and out of your bed and can be attached on either...

Toilet Safety Rail

The Procare Toilet Safety Rail provides added stability while getting up from or sitting on to the toilet. Our non-invasive toilet safety frame provides very good support to anyone with...
$49.99 $38.00

Bathtub Transfer Bench

Procare Tub Transfer Bench is an excellent mobility aid with wider seat for safe transfer to the bathtub. An ideal product for wheelchair users or those with any physical limitations,...
$81.99 $61.75

Shower Chair with Padded Arms

Procare Shower Chair with Padded Arms is a heavy-duty shower chair for those who cannot stand for longer duration while taking shower. The extra-wide shower seat with arms is equipped...
$43.99 $33.25

Plant Powered All Purpose Cleaner 12oz

Make cleaning all around the house a cinch with this spray bottle. Packed with essential oils, these nature-based, eco-friendly ingredients are safe for your family and the earth. This cleaner works...

Plant Powered Countertop Spray 12oz

Preserves and protects your counters, keeps them squeaky clean, and leaves a pleasant sent throughout the house. Safe for any surface, including granite countertops. Packed with stone-safe essential oils. INGREDIENTS Aqua,...

Shower Chair with Back and Arms

Our Shower Chair with Back and Arms is a heavy duty bath chair with handle and removable backrest providing comfortable and secure seating while taking shower. It reduces the risks...
$49.99 $38.00

Adjustable Bath Bench

Procare Adjustable Shower Bench offers a comfortable and safe bath solution if you have risk of falling or for elders who have problems standing for longer period while bathing. This...
$39.99 $27.55

Bath Bench with Back

Procare Shower Bench with Back is a useful product for a relaxed bathing experience designed for people of all ages especially those with limited mobility. You can sit comfortably and...
$43.99 $33.25

5" Raised Locking Toilet Seat

5” Raised Locking Toilet Seat makes using the toilet easier for elderly, physically challenged people or if recovering from a surgery, etc. It is a 5” raised toilet seat with...
$39.99 $38.00

4" Raised Toilet Seat with Lock

4” Raised Toilet Seat with Lock elevates the toilet by 4” making it easier when someone is sitting down on the toilet. If you had a knee or hip replacement...
$39.99 $33.25

5” Raised Locking Toilet Seat with Arms

Procare 5” Raised Locking Toilet Seat with Arms is the best toilet seat riser for extra comfort offering a 5” elevation. It is ideal for you if recovering from a...

White Grab Bar - 12", 16" or 18"

Our White Grab Bar can be installed on surfaces like tiles, fiberglass, dry wall, etc in bathroom near bathtub, shower or toilet to help prevent accidents like falling and sliding....
$24.99 $16.15

Knurled Grab Bar - 12", 16" or 18"

A Knurled Grab Bar is a must have product in your bathroom to minimize the risk of injuries from slipping and for those who have balance issues. It is designed...
$24.99 $19.00