orthopedic knee brace
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Orthopedic Knee Braces provide controlled compression around the knee making it helpful in managing knee injuries, patellar instabilities or dislocation, osteoarthritis, chondromalacia, lateral subluxation of patella, instability, post fracture, ligament injury of knee, meniscus injuries and many more. Knee is the largest joint in the body which is constantly moving when we walk, sit down or get up or whenever changing your body position making it prone to injuries. It is normal for you to experience minor pain in your knee but wearing normal knee sleeves can be irritating and you may not be able to move your legs freely. They may also not be able provide the right compression you need. A knee brace can help support your knee and prevent increase in pain, which is why athletes wear such knee supports.

Our Hinged Knee Support is specially designed with opening on the knee area that keeps the patella in position and helps in blood circulation as well. The anti tourniquet strapping provides perfect pressure ensuring that that blood flow in the concerned area is not blocked. It can be worn during any activity without feeling any kind of restriction due to its biaxial hinge design.