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Combo Lancing Device with Lancets

Lancing device with Lancets is a small tool used for capillary blood sampling to accurately find out the blood glucose level with the help of test strips. A lancing device...
$9.99 $8.79

Lancing Device with Ejector

Ultracare Lancing Device with Ejector assists diabetic patients to test and monitor their blood glucose levels by obtaining capillary blood—easily and safely. A lancing device like this enables us to...
$6.99 $6.15

Lancets - 30 Gauge, 100 Twist-Top Lancets

With easy-to-use Ultracare 30 gauge Lancets, you can stay up-to-date about your diabetes status. These diabetic lancets are single-use, disposable, and you can produce painless blood sample within seconds. Made...
$3.99 $3.51


Take your diabetes care to a whole new level of convenience with our Lancing device and Lancets for blood sample collection for monitoring your blood glucose level. It has the ability to adjust the penetration depth from 1-10 for blood sample collection from skin of different thickness. Lancing plays a very important role in successful diabetes management while lancets are small sharp object that is attached to the lancing device to prick the skin. When you think about pricking your skin first thing that comes in your mind is it will hurt but with Ultracare lancing device and lancets you will get painless blood sampling experience. Make sure you use alcohol prep pads to cleanse that part of the skin before or after using any sharp object.