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Steel Adjustable Rollator With 6-Inch Wheels, 300 Lb Weight Capacity

Breeze Steel Rollator is one of the best rollators at an affordable price. It has four wheels and comes with a padded seat so you can sit and rest whenever...
$99.00 $78.99

6-Inch Wheel Aluminum Rollator with Seat, 300 Lb Weight Capacity

Our most lightweight Rollator, the Breeze Basic Aluminum Rollator with 6" wheels is easy to handle with adjustable height from 32” to 37”and weight capacity of 300 LBS. It has...
$99.00 $78.99

Aluminum Rollator with locking brakes, 8-Inch Wheels, 300 Lb Weight Capacity

Our lightweight Breeze Basic Aluminum Rollator with 8” wheels provides more stability while walking making it ideal for all types of rugged terrain. Its height is adjustable from 33” to...
$99.00 $78.99


A rollator is designed for those who need to maintain their balance while walking that could be due to age restrictions or recovering from injury or disease. A rollator is a more stylish version of a walker that does not need to be lifted thanks to the wheels. The benefits you get with our rollators are 4 wheels or casters, padded seat, backrest, storage pouch, etc. Our rollator comes with a padded seat for resting purposes if you feel tired and a storage pouch under the seat to keep your valuable items.

A rollator is one of the best options as a walking aid since it requires minimal arm strength to maneuver from one place to another and is lightweight yet sturdier than conventional walkers. The obvious benefit is that it comes with wheels on each of the 4 legs making your walk much smoother. Its two wheels on the front rotate for easy maneuvering. We provide rollators in 2 different wheel sizes 6” and 8” inches. Both the wheels are designed for indoor use but if walking on grassy areas or uneven surface then 8 inch size wheels are the better option for you. If you are worried about its size when thinking about traveling or storing it, then you would be happy to know that it comes with a folding mechanism for easy storage.

Rollators come in different types of frames like steel or aluminum. The steel frame can be slightly heavy but affordable while the aluminum frame is lightweight and easy to navigate. You can click here for more detailed information on our rollators.

The height of this mobility aid can be adjusted which ideally should be around your waist for perfect handling of the rollator. However, one should adjust its height to that extent that your arms are slightly bent as this will help in proper blood circulation, and bent arms can be less stressful than the straight arms.

With the use of rollators, you can walk at your own pace, unlike standard walker where your mobility is restricted as each time you have to lift and keep down the walker for each step. Since there are wheels, click-lock brakes are provided on the handle for safety purpose and for better stability, preventing the rollator from moving away while you are seated, and to reduce the chance of slipping on sloped terrains.