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5” Raised Locking Toilet Seat with Arms

Procare 5” Raised Locking Toilet Seat with Arms is the best toilet seat riser for extra comfort offering a 5” elevation. It is ideal for you if recovering from a...

4" Raised Toilet Seat with Lock

4” Raised Toilet Seat with Lock elevates the toilet by 4” making it easier when someone is sitting down on the toilet. If you had a knee or hip replacement...
$39.99 $33.25

5" Raised Locking Toilet Seat

5” Raised Locking Toilet Seat makes using the toilet easier for elderly, physically challenged people or if recovering from a surgery, etc. It is a 5” raised toilet seat with...
$39.99 $38.00

Toilet Safety Rail

The Procare Toilet Safety Rail provides added stability while getting up from or sitting on to the toilet. Our non-invasive toilet safety frame provides very good support to anyone with...
$49.99 $38.00


Toilet Safety Products are special types of equipment to overcome practical difficulties like to daily manage the toileting. Everyone would like independence and privacy when using toilet but there are times when you will need the assistance of a caretaker. This happens when you are using a wheelchair, when your body is weak due to aging or recovering post-surgery. There are wide ranges of toilet safety products we have for you to choose from depending on your needs.

Toilet Safety Rail: This safety equipment can be mounted on the commode so that the handles are standing on the side of the toilet seat providing good stability when sitting down or getting up from the toilet. This easy to install toilet safety rail fits on most of the toilets. Its premium aluminum legs are stable enough to hold a weight of up to 220 lbs. The waterfall handle design offers a comfortable grip and it can be rotated back allowing you to sit in a comfortable position so that you don’t feel these rails are too close.

Locking Toilet Seat: Having a problem with bending your knees or back enough to reach the toilet seat? Our toilet riser can convert your existing seat to an elevated seat with 4” and 5” rise. When our elevated toilet seat is installed it would require less bending of your hips and knees to sit down so there will be less strain on your joints. The seat locks on to the commode for secure fitting and helps prevent shifting of the toilet seat while sitting or transferring. For extra comfort and support, we have the option of the toilet seat with arms to make it easier for you to sit down and get up from the toilet seat riser. Made of heavy molded plastic, our toilet seats can hold a weight of up to 350 lbs.