Carbon Fiber Ultra Lightweight Adjustable Cane - Black

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Carbon Fiber Adjustable Folding Cane Ultra Lightweight - Black

CaneCraft Carbon Fiber Canes are designed to be the lightest walking cane with unparalleled strength. The stylish design with a wood finish Fritz handle, a dash of silver and the matte black shaft gives a very classic look. The advanced carbon fiber material, together with the high-tech rubber tip, absorbs the pacing impact to the floor minimizing muscle effort and relieving walking tension. It is height adjustable from 30" to 39" with a push button along with an anti-rattle lock.

    • Ultra Lightweight Walking Support. Crafted from 100% Japanese carbon fiber material, these canes are much lighter than aluminum and a top choice for those seeking a durable and strong walking cane for both outdoor and indoor use.

    • Fritz Handle. The ergonomically shaped Fritz handle allows you to hold the cane without causing much pain to your hand and fingers. In addition, you also get a wrist strap for added stability.

    • Modern and Elegant. This cane features a very elegant wood finish handle along with a sleek black mesh carbon fiber shaft. Great choice for formal occasions.

    • Easy height adjustment. Adjust the height from 30" to 39" with 1" increments to match your height.

    • Available in folding and non-folding styles.

    • Rubber tip. It comes with replaceable Anti-slip soft rubber at the tip to improve your balance on most of the surfaces.

Height range 30" - 39"
Cane Material Carbon Fibre
Handle Type Fritz
Handle Material Wood Finish
Cane tip Material Rubber
Weight capacity 250 LBS

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