Offset Folding Cane with Soft Rubber Grip - Black

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Designer Folding Offset Cane - Royal Crescent

CaneCraft Folding Offset Cane's handle is ergonomically designed to fully and evenly distribute your weight over the shaft of the cane and takes much of the strain off your wrists. The collapsible cane folds up very easily at three points along the shaft and takes minimal storage space. The deluxe soft rubber handle also comes with a convenient wrist strap. It is height adjustable from 33.5" to 37.5" with a push button and features an Anti-rattle lock.

    • Recommended for Arthritis, Carpal tunnel or any other mobility issue that requires high quality support and stability. Offset Canes are ideal for those who have Arthritis in the hip or knee and occasionally need to decrease the weight borne on a painful lower extremity. And with a weight capacity of 250 lbs, also recommended for those who require occasional limited weight bearing support.

    • Folding Mechanism. Easy to fold up and fit into small spaces such as purses, suitcases, under car seats and more.A belt along with a carry case is provided so that the cane doesn’t unfold and can be kept securely.

    • Soft rubber handle. This cane features an ultra soft rubber handle that gives added comfort and that allows you to hold the cane without causing pain to your hands and fingers.

    • Anodized aluminum shaft. The aluminum body makes it lightweight and anti-corrosive making it more durable.

    • Variety of colors and pattern. Match your style by choosing from 2 different colors - Black and Royal Crescent.

    • Easy height adjustment. Adjust the height from 33.5" to 37.5" with 1" increments to match your height.

    • Anti-rattle lock. Sets the height adjustment and keeps your cane quiet.

Height range 33.5" – 37.5"
Cane Material Aluminum
Handle Type Offset
Handle Material Rubber
Cane tip Material Rubber
Weight capacity 250 LBS

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