Lancing device with Lancets is a small tool used for capillary blood sampling to accurately find out the blood glucose level with the help of test strips. A lancing device is used as a trigger for movement of lancet while the sharp tri-bevel tip on the lancet is used to make pain free puncture on your finger to obtain small blood specimens. You can alter the depth on our lancing device in 10 variables for penetration according to your skin thickness. Our lancing device can be used multiple times but each lancet must be disposed after single use which is why we offer this combo of 1 lancing device with 100 single use lancets so you can regularly monitor your glucose level without worrying about lancets getting over soon. Each lancet is sterilized for optimal safety and with the twist off cap you can securely dispose it after use.




Lancets Features Lancing Device Features
    • Medical grade. Manufactured from high-quality surgical steel, these blood glucose lancets have a sharp tri-beveled tip that enables simple and smooth testing. A lancet makes the wound smaller, less painful, and ensures faster healing.

    • Sterile tip. These disposable, single-use lancets 30 gauge are sterilized for optimal safety and prolonged shelf life. One-time use prevents the risk of cross-infection.

    • Easy twist-off cap. This protective twist-top lancet cap design provides an easy and secure way to dispose of after use.

    • Disposable. With 100 sterile lancets included, this bulk pack will last for a long time. Now you can conveniently test your blood samples more frequently without any worry of exhausting your lancet supplies.

    • Universal fit. Our medical-grade lancets fit the most commonly used lancing devices available on the market. For best results, use these safety lancets with Ultracare 10-depth adjustable Lancing Device for finger and alternate site testing.

    • Color-coded design. Sorting through your diabetes testing kit for the right size of the lancet can be intimidating, especially in an emergency; these lancets come color-coded according to gauge-size for easy identification. The blue color represents 30-gauge lancets.
    • Adjustable lancing depth. This adjustable lancing device has a variable 10-level precision depth penetration setting. Before puncturing, simply adjust the depth by twisting the visible depth settings according to your skin thickness and sensitivity.

    • Precise position control. This lancing device for blood testing is designed for precise guided delivery with vibration control, which means less skin tearing, less pain, and improved sample efficiency with just a speck of blood.

    • Simple to use. Intended for both control and comfort, this lightweight diabetic lancing device features a convenient trigger button for one-handed, trouble-free lancing operation. Also includes an Alternate Site Testing (AST) tip.

    • Compact and ergonomic. This lancing device offers an ergonomic grip for a comfortable hold. Its sleek and compact design makes it highly portable and allows it to easily fit into any travel kit for diabetic supplies.

    • Ejector button. Designed for one-button, non-touch lancet ejection, this lancet device ensures safety with no blood cross-contamination. After use, simply eject the used lancet with a push and dispose it according to the local regulations.

    • Easy compatibility. This versatile lancing device for diabetes is designed to be used with the most general-use lancets. However, we recommend using the Ultracare Lancets for the best results.

    • Contents. 1 x Lancing Device with Ejector, 1 x Alternate Site Testing (AST) Tip Included and in Instruction Manual.

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