Inhaler Spacer Chamber with Adult Mask


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Inhaler Spacer Chamber Inhaler Spacer Chamber with Child Mask

Procare Inhaler Spacer Chamber is an anti-static holding container that is to be used with a Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) also known as a puffer. When the inhaler is pressed, the spacer holds the medicine in its container and breaks it into smaller droplets making it easier to take asthma or COPD medication. It minimizes the chances of medicines ending up in your mouth or throat and helps maximum medicines get deep in your lungs. The Inhaler Spacer by Procare has a whistling sound that alerts you if the inhaling process is too slow or fast. For kids, we also offer the Spacer with a Pediatric Mask, and if you prefer to use it without a mask we have the conventional Inhaler Spacer as well.

    • Simple and affordable. The inhaler spacer is very easy to use providing effective medication at a very reasonable price.

    • Ergonomic contoured mask. Our Adult mask ensures perfect sealing on your face and better comfort for effective inhaling of medicines.

    • Collects your medicine. The spacer traps your medicine in its container when you press the inhaler making it easier to take your medication. You can either take a one big breath and hold it for 8-10 seconds (recommended) or inhale and exhale 3-4 times as per your comfort and as advised by your doctor.

    • Minimizes side effects. When an inhaler by itself is pressed, the spray reaches your mouth at fast speed so some medicines can be left over in your mouth or throat, which can cause infections. However, use of a spacer decreases such risks and allows you to breathe all of the medicine comfortably.

    • Whistling sound. It comes with the feature of a whistling sound to alert you for correct inhaling process.

    • Washable. It is easy to wash with lukewarm water. Please read the instructions properly before washing.

    • Portable. The bottle size is designed perfectly that can be kept in your small handbag or even in your front pocket.

Spacer Volume 2.5 oz
Mouth Piece Diameter 22 mm
Spacer Dimension 2.1” – 5.9”