Wrist Blood Pressure Electric Monitor


Procare Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is the most convenient way for accurate Oscillometric BP measurement. Simply wrap the attached blood pressure cuff to your wrist and press the start button to note the systolic, diastolic and pulse readings on the LCD screen. This digital monitor can be very useful for daily monitoring if you are getting treated for hypertension or have history of high blood pressure. The cuff fits wrist sizes of 5.3” – 7.7”. This digital monitor can store memory of 90 measurements. It also indicates about low battery and powers off automatically when unused.

    • Lightweight and portable design. It doesn’t feel heavy when wrapped on your wrist. Due to its compact design it can be kept in your handbag while traveling so your health can be monitored while on the go.

    • LCD screen with backlight. Systolic, diastolic and pulse readings are displayed simultaneously on the LCD screen. When used in dark it has a backlight on the screen for clear reading.

    • Intelligent automatic measurement. Unlike Aneroid monitor that needs to be checked manually, our device will automatically read your pulses and share the readings.

    • Comfortable cuff grip. This cuff comfortably fits your wrist with a circumference from 5.3" – 7.7".

    • Hard carry case. For secure storage and prevention from any damage a hard carry case is provided in the kit.

    • WHO classification. The monitor features a hypertension indicator that provides a comparison to standards set by the World Health Organization.

    • Memory storage. It can store up to 90 measurements per user including date, time and average.

    • Battery saver. This monitor is battery operated. Our device also comes with auto power-off function when it is unused.

    • Indicators. For the device to provide you perfect results, it is important to stay calm and sit in comfortable position. Sometimes you may move your hand, which can cause irregular heartbeat. Our monitor will indicate you about this irregularity so that you can re do it. Also it has a low battery indicator.

    • Complete kit. A Wrist Electronic BP Monitor, Hard Carrying Case, 2 AAA Batteries and a User Manual.

Indication Digital LCD display
Measuring Method Oscillometric Measurement
Measuring Range Pressure: 30 - 280 mmHg, Pulse: 40 - 199 Beat/min
Accuracy Pressure: + ̲ 3mmHg, Pulse: + ̲ 5%
Memory Single user 90 Memories
Power Supply 2x1.5V Batteries (LR03 or AAA)
Operating Temperature +5˚C - +40˚C
Operating Humidity 15%RH - 93%RH
Operating Atmospheric Pressure 70kPa - 106kPa
Storage Temperature -20˚C - +55˚C
Storage Humidity 0%RH - 93%RH
Storage Atmospheric Pressure 50kPa - 106kPa
Classification Type BF
Cuff Size 5.3” - 7.7” Adult for average
Box Dimension 4.13” x 2.95” x 3.74”
Box Weight 0.66 lbs
Included in the box Wrist electronic BP monitor, Hard Carrying Case, 2 x AAA batteries, User Manual