Procare Forehead Infrared Thermometer

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Procare Forehead IR Thermometer is equipped with the most advanced medical infrared technology and high precision infrared sensor for accurate temperature reading from your forehead without even touching you. With the use of our non-contact thermometer you can reduce cross-contamination risk. The measurement distance should be around 2 inches. Our Forehead thermometer also alerts you if the temperature reading is higher. The one-button operation gives you an instant reading in 1 second on the big size LCD screen in large size digits. It also comes with the features of auto turn off power, 9 sets of memory value, and easy switch of degree reading.

    • Result in 1 second with high accuracy. Procare Forehead IR Thermometer measures accurate body temperature within 1 second at a distance of around 2 inches. It has the most advanced medical infrared technology and high precision infrared sensor for accuracy and reliability.

    • Fever warning. If the temperature reading exceeds 38℃/100.4℉, this thermometer for fever will start short beeps for 10 times indicating that body temperature may be at a fever level.

    • One button operation and memory mode. One button operation allows for measuring forehead temperature quickly and easily. You can also store 9 sets of memory value if you wish to know your past readings.

    • Easy switch of degree reading. Original setting for thermometer reading is in °C but you can easily switch to °F which makes it more convenient for you.

    • Auto turn-off power.

    • Mute mode. It has the function of sound on/off making it easier for you to measure the temperature without waking your loved ones.

    • Multiple colors with backlight display. It comes in 4 different colors White, Green, Orange and Red.

    • Included in the box. Infrared Thermometer, Soft Suede Carrying Pouch, 2 x AA Batteries, Illustrated User Manual in English & Spanish.

Product Dimensions 1.33" x 6.3" x 1.96"
Product Weight Around 68g (except battery)
Measuring Range 34.0°C ~ 43.0°C (93.2°F ~ 109.4°F)
Object Temperature 0°C ~ 93.2°C (32°F ~ 199.7°F)
Resolution Ratio 0.1C/F
Measurement Location Laboratory
Accuracy (35.0°C ~ 42.0°C) ± 0.2°C, (95.0°F ~ 107.9°F) ± 0.4°F, other temperature ± 0.3°C
Operation Temperature 10.0°C ~ 40.0°C (50.0°F ~ 104.0°F), relative maximum humidity 15%RH ~ 93%RH
Atmospheric Temperature 70kPa ~ 106kPa
Transportation/Storage Temperature -25.0°C ~ 55.0°C (-13°F ~ 131°F), relative maximum humidity 0%RH ~ 93%RH
Atmospheric Pressure 50kPa ~ 106kPa
Battery 2 pieces of 1.5V AAA batteries (alkaline batteries are recommended to use)